Converting Houdini Not Commercial Files

The fact that Houdini convert any comercial scene to non-commercial the moment you past any hipc content was bothering me for a long time. My school has an educational license of Houdini which works without any limitation within the school network. But often I want to reuse my asset created in school for other projects, however an attempt to do so transform my .hip file into apprentice version with all of the limitations applied.

By watching Ari Denesh tutorials ( I found a couple very useful commands.

opscript command that allows you to dump any Houdini scene to a text file in Hscript format.

cmdread command allows you to execute Hscript commands from a file. 

Here is a simple example of usage. 

In a non-comercial scene:

opscript -G -r / > $TEMP/temp.cmd

And when in a new commercial scene to load generated file.

cmdread $TEMP/temp.cmd

Note that this approach wont export digital assets content. All of the asset need to be unlocked for this approach to work.

Some people asked me for more detailed description of how to convert files. Here is step by step guide.

1. Open your hipc.

2. Go to Windows > Hscript Textport

3. In the opened window type opscript -G -r / > $TEMP/temp.cmd

4. Press Enter. That command should dump your scene to $TEMP/temp.cmd text file.

5. Now open an empty hip file.

6. Type the following command to Hscript Texport cmdread $TEMP/temp.cmd That will read previously dumped script from $TEMP/temp.cmd

Check the opscript documentation for more info

And cmdread

Author: Kirill Kovalevskiy

I'm an engineer artist and entrepreneur who mostly focused on technology and automation across wide range of domains. I'm passionate about mixing technology and art which I express trough visual effects and videography.

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